Board of Directors

Bella Savran

Bella is a clinical social worker and one of the founders of the Counseling Center for Women. In memory of her parents, Frieda and Arie Halpern, Bella established a fund which subsidizes psychological therapy for women of limited means. She was a pioneer in the area of awareness groups for adult children of Holocaust survivors, and published articles on the subject.

Joyce Rosman Brenner

One of the founders of the Counseling Center for Women. A psychotherapist, a senior lecturer at Yeshiva University in New York and the coordinator of the Block Program for the Wurzweiler School of Social Work in Israel. Joyce has been active in feminist circles in Israel since she made aliyah more than 30 years ago: She served as the first Reform representative to be appointed to the position of member of a city religious council; she was one of the founders of the Center for Women’s Consciousness in Netanya; she is the chairperson of the ‘Gender Issues as an Area of Specialization’ committee at the Union of Social Workers in Israel. Joyce has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2002.

Judy Shotten

One of the founders of the Counseling Center for Women. A clinical social worker and certified sex therapist. She has had extensive training at the Psychoanalytic Company of Israel, at the Psychotherapy Institute of New York and at the Institute for Sex Therapy at the San Francisco Medical School. Since making aliyah from Canada in 1949, she has been involved in the establishment of many of the mental health services in Israel, including the first mental health clinic of Kupat Cholim and the first student counseling service, at Hebrew University. She was one of the founders of the Israeli Association for Sex Therapy. Judy was the first social worker to be hired by Tel HaShomer Hospital, paving the way for many others who followed her. In 1996, she retired from her career in therapeutic work and she has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2002.

Marlene Zaslow

A psychotherapist, a certified family therapist, a specialist in EMDR and a supervisor with many years of experience. Marilyn is an expert in therapy with women who have undergone sexual exploitation and incest in their childhood. In this framework, she has taught, led groups and supervised professionals from the field of mental health for dozens of years.

Ronny Perlman

MA in Educational Counseling from Hebrew University. Certified in narrative therapy from the Barcai Institute.

Moriah Shlumot

A graduate of the Bet Tzvi School of Theatre Arts; BA in Law from the Chaim Shtriks Law School, the College of Administration; today she works as an attorney, specializing in the defense of human rights. Moriah was the CEO of the Counseling Center for Women from 2003 to 2011.

Rakefet Ginsberg

BSW, Tel Aviv University. MSW,Tel Aviv University. She was a shlicha for the Jewish Agency to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today she serves as the Assistant CEO of the Masorti Movement.

Hagit Goz

Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Economics, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Master of Business Administration (MBA), major in finance, Ben -Gurion University. Israel construction finance manager of Intel Israel.