Newsletter – November 2020


CCW Newsletter November 2020

CCW Continues to Support Women during Covid-19

Similar to many countries around the world, the coronavirus has become a chronic reality for Israel. As authorities struggle to keep the spread of virus under control, the government issued a second nationwide lockdown which began on Rosh Hashana and lasted for a month. Since then certain restrictions have been eased but many sectors remain closed.

The coronavirus crisis continues to have a serious effect on women especially those who face emotional as well as financial challenges. A growing number of women cope with even harsher economic conditions during the crisis as they have been put on unpaid leave or lost their jobs. Therefore, CCW has made changes to keep women in therapy during this time when they need it the most. Online therapy through digital means and increased financial support allow many women to have access to therapy which they otherwise could not have had.

Client Story

One such woman is S. who began her therapy at CCW because of her drinking problem. She is an ola hadasha with a traumatic past. She lost her father at a very young age and made Aliyah with her aunt leaving her mother behind. She had a close relationship with her aunt, but unfortunately lost her to cancer in Israel. She was transferred to a boarding school and after finishing high school, she went on to complete her army service. After the army, she travelled and came to back to Israel. However, she was never able to settle anywhere permanently and moved from one friend’s house to the next.

The coronavirus crisis had a devastating effect on S. as she was forced to leave her job in the city center and went to live in the suburbs. Since she does not hold a driver’s license, her means of transportation was very limited which made it impossible for her to physically continue therapy. Being unemployed during a time when the employment opportunities are scarce, the conditions would have forced her to leave her therapy at CCW. Online therapy and increased financial support during Covid-19 has allowed S. to stay in therapy.

S. is currently working with her therapist and making great progress in overcoming her emotional challenges and moving to a stage where she can be more stable.

Support Group for Mothers Carries on Its Work
Despite the Pandemic 
The CCW support group for mothers who underwent a traumatic childhood continues to meet and provide tools for growth, recovery and resilience during Covid-19. Since face to face meetings were no longer possible and the participants felt the need for continuity, the group moved to Zoom in
March 2020.The Corona crisis added extra pressure and uncertainty to other emotional challenges that women face. For instance, a member of the group, an Oleh chadasha, lost her father to Corona but she could not travel to grieve with her family due to corona restrictions. The group played a crucial role in helping her during this challenging time and provided support in coping with her loss.

CCW Initiates Online Discussion Groups on Challenges during Covid-19 

CCW therapists are for the first time organizing online discussion groups, open to the public by Zoom, to discuss the challenges that women face during  Covid-19.

In these intimate groups, the participants will share their experiences during this difficult time and receive tools on how to cope better with the current crisis. The groups will focus on three main themes: singlehood, parenthood/intimacy and mood swings during coronavirus.

Help Us to Help Women!

Transform the life of a woman today by making a gift to CCW! Help us to help other women make changes in their personal lives and receive tools to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their community.

A donation of 25$ will help subsidize one hour of gender-sensitive therapy, a donation of 100$ will help subsidize one month and 1200$ will help subsidize a year of therapy.  

US tax deductible donations over $25 can be sent by check or by wire transfer to PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc. (501C3), 630 Third Ave., 15th floor, New York, NY10017. Please make sure to enclose a note with the donation indicating that it is recommended for The Counseling Center for Women,
I.D. number 58-0130789. To donate in the honor or memory of someone, please indicate the name of the person and your contact email in your note to PEF so that we can inform them.

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