Community Action Center

The Center for Community Action of the Counseling Center for Women actively raises consciousness and deepens familiarity of various population groups in Israel with the characteristics, the challenges and the conflicts that reflect the inner world of women. The Center offers various kinds of study frameworks that make it possible to learn, expand horizons, develop ideas and acquire tools regarding the issues that emerge from a woman’s life cycle.

The Center for Community Action offers studies on two main tracks:
  • Study:  The Counseling Center for Women offers senior personnel who work with and for women in social organizations and in the business world a varied array of training sessions, workshops and lectures on a number of subjects: the advancement of women in general and in management in particular; challenges and conflicts that women encounter, violence against women, trauma, crisis, and more.

    The following are examples of workshops and lectures that have been organized during the last few years:

    AJEEC – NISPED (the Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation -- Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development) A study day for the staff of the NGO on the subject of dealing with violence against women

    One in Nine: An organization that supports women with breast cancer.  A workshop on the connection between women clients and volunteers in the NGO; a training session for the NGO’s staff on coping emotionally with breast cancer from a feminist perspective

    Retorno the Center for Rehabilitation and Empowerment: A training session for the female counseling staff on the subjects of sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-abuse and borderline personality disorder

    Enrichment: The Counseling Center for Women offers lectures and workshops to the general public, for those wishing to learn and to broaden their horizons on issues arising out of the female life cycle, such as: motherhood and parenthood, being single late in life and single women by choice, women’s conflicts, female sexuality, body image, the psychology of women, pregnancy and fertility, menopause and more.

    Our clients have included enrichment and leisure centers, business and social organizations, NGOs and the general public.