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December 2018

CCW Marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

It has been almost twenty years since the UN passed its official resolution to mark November 25th as the International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women. Unfortunately, violence against women is still an everyday reality everywhere around the world including Israel. Since its inception 30 years ago, CCW has been helping thousands of women suffering from verbal, sexual or physical violence. Through our empowerment approach, CCW’s therapy helps women to go from survival mode to thriving mode, giving them tools to lead a fulfilled life as a strong woman.

This year, CCW joined forces with other Israeli women’s organizations to raise the impact of this important day. As an agent of social change, CCW was among the organizers of the rallies in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv where thousands of women marched together calling for an end to violence. Several Knesset members were also present during the event.

Speaking at the Tel Aviv rally, CCW Executive Director Mariel Huberman said, “We call for an end to all kinds of violence to women, whether it is physical, sexual, psychological or financial. Violence does not only hurt and kill the body but also the soul.”

As part of the events to mark the international day for the elimination
of violence against women, CCW staff also participated in an inspirational project to express solidarity with African refugee women who were subject to violence.CCW members knitted and crocheted hats together with women from Kuchinata which is a collective of African asylum seeking women from south Tel Aviv, Israel.

Support Group for Mothers in the Shadow of Traumatic Childhood

In September, CCW started an ongoing support group for mothers who have undergone a traumatic childhood, primarily due to dysfunctional parenthood.

The sessions take place once a week, led by one of our CCW therapists, Dr. Racheli Shedletzy, PhD in Social Work. The group addresses a wide range of issues arising with mothers who are worried about the kind of parents they are / will be themselves, overshadowed by the fear of repeating the mistakes that their parents made with them.

Racheli explains that as part of the sessions, she first aims to restore calm and confidence by explaining that all parents have their imperfections and that mistakes made are not necessarily due to their traumatic past.  On the other hand, she puts emphasis on processing their trauma caused by a dysfunctional childhood, allowing growth, recovery and ultimately building the confidence of the participants.

Racheli further notes “that the fact that they are part of a therapy-support group, shows them that they are not alone, which in itself is comforting and strengthening.”   The group consisting of ten women from varied background and ages, is expected to continue well into 2019 and beyond.


Joint CCW-Rashi Foundation project to effect social change in the peripheral regions of Israel

CCW staff is currently involved in a community project collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, and the distinguished Rashi Foundation. As part of this joint initiative, CCW therapists who have extensive knowledge and experience treating trauma and post-trauma cases, train social workers working with neglected families.

The overall aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of children whose parents are unable to provide for their basic physical or emotional needs because of their untreated traumatic past, isolation and social exclusion. CCW believes that empowering parents strongly contributes to the well-being of children at risk.

The training workshops take place in Gedera, Ashdod, Karmiel, Dimona and Be’erSheva which are in the periphery of Israel both geographically and socio-economically. The goal of the training is to provide theoretical knowledge in focused sessions that will provide a critical and dynamic professional infrastructure for social workers working with these families.

Ultimately, the project addresses the needs of children and familiesin the present to effect real, sustainable change in the future.

Help Us to Help Women!

Transform the life of a woman today by making a gift to CCW! Help us to help other women make changes in their personal lives and  receive tools to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their community.

US tax deductible donations over $25 can be sent by check or by wire transfer to PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc. (501C3), 630 Third Ave.,  15th floor, New York, NY10017. Please make sure to enclose a note with the donation indicating that it is recommended for The Counseling Center for Women. To donate in the honor or memory of someone, please indicate the name of the person and your contact email in your note to PEF so that we can inform them.

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