Newsletter – July 2020

CCW Newsletter July 2020

CCW During the Coronavirus Crisis

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has created a new and difficult reality for most countries, including Israel. At the beginning of March, the Israeli government instituted a six-week national lockdown in order to stop the spread of the pandemic.

During this time, CCW took the necessary steps to adapt to the changing reality and continue to work with women who seek its support and help. CCW therapists began to provide online therapy through digital means to address the clients’ needs and make therapy accessible to all.

Moreover, CCW provides subsidies for 70% of its clients. However, a growing number of these women are coping with even harsher economic conditions during the crisis as they have been put on unpaid leave or have lost their jobs. Therefore, CCW further increased subsidies for these clients.

A Client’s Personal Story During Covid-19

The pandemic has been having a major impact on women especially those who face emotional abuse at home or who go through depression, anxiety, or illness, or are dealing with trauma and post-trauma.

We would like to share with you the story of M. who began her therapy at CCW during the lockdown. M. turned to CCW after all attempts to bridge differences with her husband failed. The lockdown created a harsh reality for M. as both she and her husband, who emotionally abused her, began working from home. Her three children were also at home since there was no school. During this time, M.’s husband alienated her oldest daughter from her to the point that she stopped talking to her mother. The emotional abuse was at times on the verge of becoming physical causing M. to lock her bedroom door while she slept because she was so afraid.

M. met with her CCW therapist digitally and their online therapy sessions helped her cope with her difficult reality at home during the lockdown. Despite M.’s contribution to the family’s income, her husband always had control over the family’s finances. Therefore, she felt that she had nowhere to turn and was feeling great despair and loneliness.

M.’s therapy at CCW helped her take the necessary steps to leave her husband and to move to a place of her own where she could feel safe. After the lockdown ended, M. went back to her work place and took on an additional position enabling her to be more independent financially. M.’s therapy at CCW continues to give her the necessary tools to get out of her abusive relationship and change her life for the better.

CCW Launches ‘Round-up’ Campaign !
CCW began a new fundraising campaign for its supporters in Israel through the Round-up system. Round-up (Igul Letova) enables Israeli credit card users to give a monthly standing order to round up their credit card transactions to the nearest round amount. For instance, when a person buys something for 18.80 NIS, the card will be charged 19.00 NIS and the remaining 20 Agurot will be donated to CCW. The average monthly donation is 5 NIS.
If you have a credit card linked to an Israeli bank account and would be interested in joining this campaign, please click below.

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Help Us to Help Women!

Transform the life of a woman today by making a gift to CCW! Help us to help other women make changes in their personal lives and receive tools to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their community.

A donation of 25$ will help subsidize one hour of gender-sensitive therapy, a donation of 100$ will help subsidize one month and 1200$ will help subsidize a year of therapy.  

US tax deductible donations over $25 can be sent by check or by wire transfer to PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc. (501C3), 630 Third Ave., 15th floor, New York, NY10017. Please make sure to enclose a note with the donation indicating that it is recommended for The Counseling Center for Women,
I.D. number 58-0130789. To donate in the honor or memory of someone, please indicate the name of the person and your contact email in your note to PEF so that we can inform them.

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