Newsletter 03/2023

CCW Newsletter:
Special Edition March 2023

 “As therapists, our professional commitment is beyond our clinics.”

How is CCW responding to the proposed judicial reforms?

Members of the CCW staff were among an estimated 100,000 Israelis gathered outside the Parliament (Knesset) in Jerusalem on February 13th to protest the recent judicial reform proposed by the current government. The protests continued well into the weekend throughout the country, and outside the Parliament again on February 20th when the first reading of the reform bill took place.

CCW recently took another stand for justice by joining the Coalition of Women’s Organizations for Equality. The coalition is formed by tens of Israeli women’s organizations from different ends of the political spectrum. It takes joint action in the struggle against the current proposed legislation and other policies that may harm women’s status. In so doing, the alliance aims to preserve Israel’s democratic infrastructure and ensure women’s rights in Israeli society.

We at CCW are very concerned by the split within Israeli society that the proposed reform is causing. The politicians in government are trying to speed through changes without taking the time for a through bipartisan professional examination of details. If passed, the bill will pose a danger to civil rights and liberties that will directly and adversely impact women, minorities, the disadvantaged and populations-at-risk.

Top photo: CCW Director of Operations and Partnerships, Ronit Uliel Mirkin, during the demonstration in Jerusalem. 
Bottom Left: CCW Therapists Liat Ron and Tali Dayan 
Bottom Right: CCW Therapist Michal Friedman

Left Photo: CCW Clinical Director, Yael Levin, addresses the crowd during the demonstration in Jerusalem.
Right Photo: CCW therapists, Janet Baumgold Land and Idit Levin. 


What is proposed in the current judiciary reform?

While there is a need to introduce change in some aspects of the judiciary system, the current reform includes several important clauses that will reduce the power of the judicial system by granting excessive power to the legislative branch. This will negate the essential democratic principle of checks and balances. These include: introducing an override clause to bypass Supreme Court decisions with a 61-member majority vote in the Knesset, curbing the Supreme Court’s power to abolish laws that it deems are no longer just and appointing legal advisors by ministers rather than by a neutral system.

Clinical director of CCW, Yael Levin, stressed the importance of speaking out publicly against such measures in one of her articles: “As therapists, our professional commitment is beyond our private clinics. It is our duty to make our voice heard in the media, marking the ethical boundaries explicitly, even when they are different from the mainstream norms.” (The article appeared in the Israeli news outlet Mako in Hebrew.) 

Here at CCW, we are looking forward to cooperating with women’s organizations to make an impact and bring positive change to preserve democracy and women’s rights.

The sign reads, “Democracy is good for the soul!” 

Happy International Women’s Day 2023!

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