Ramat Gan Branch

Dr. Simi Mizrahi

BA, Sociology & Anthropology, Tel Aviv University; BSW, Tel Aviv University; MSW, Tel Aviv University; PhD, Social Work, Tel Aviv University.

Anat Argov Urbach

BSW, Hebrew University; MSW, Ben Gurion University; Couple & Family therapist, The Barcai Institute; Group Facilitating, Tel Aviv University.

Tal Shefet – Baron

MSW, Hebrew University; studying psychotherapy with a psychoanalytic approach, Bar Ilan University; certified Counselor in Social Work, Tel Aviv University.

Inbal Higer Azor

MBA with a major in organizational behavior, Ben Gurion University. MSW with a clinical major, Haifa University. Graduate of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program, Halfaba – The Center for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies, Tel Aviv.

Dr. Rachel Shledletzky-Hart

PHD in Social Work, Bar Ilan University; Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the School of Psychotherapy TelAviv; MSW in Clinical Social Work, Bar Ilan University; B.A in Behavioural Science, Ben Gurion University.
Students supervision ,group therapy and couple therapy.
Specializing in: Crisis management, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex PTSD, depression and anxiety, sexual abuse, bereavement and loss, problems in couples life and parenthood.

Tali Dayan

MSW, Bar-Ilan University, School of Social Work; Studying Psychoanalytically Oriented Psychotherapy Studies, at israel Winnicot center.

Hany Benaya

I have an MSW in clinical social work from Tel Aviv University and qualified for psychotherapy from the University of Haifa.
I am a dynamically oriented psychotherapist and have experience working in many aspects of our lives.

Liat Ron

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Faculty of Medicine Tel Aviv University
MSW in Clinical Social work, Haifa University
Certified instructor, Bar Ilan University

Noa Efron m.s.w

Social work with clinical specialization in trauma - Haifa University,
Cognitive behavioral therapy - the Israeli program for behavioral therapy
Areas of expertise:
anxiety and depression, trauma, life crises, attention deficit disorder, immigration, fertility treatments.

Michal Friedman

MA Art Therapy, Haifa University; qualifying as a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Clinician, Bar Ilan University; Pgd Art Therapy Beit Berl; BA Art History & Communications Hebrew University; Clinical Art Therapy Supervisor.
Main experience: Depression and anxiety, Life changing events and Crisis, Immigration, Fertility issues, Working with partner/family member of a Disabled person

Yael Shabtai

Clinical MSW, Children’s and Adult psychotherapy; PhD. student in the Department of Gender, Bar Ilan University, research field - motherhood. Graduated from the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program at Bar Ilan University and the children’s psychoanalytic psychotherapy program at the faculty of medicine at Tel Aviv University; MA in clinical social work from Bar Ilan University; BA in social work from Tel Aviv University. Specializing in the field of psycho-medical therapy, trauma, life crisis, depression and anxiety. Group therapist and clinical supervisor. Her private clinic is in Ramat Gan.

The Interns

Libby Glicksman

MSW in Clinical Social Work, the Hebrew University. B.A Psychology and Special Education, Tel Hai College. Certification Therapeutic Riding Instructor, TRCI.