Treatment Center

A therapy center for women with a feminist perspective

The Treatment Center offers individual, couples and group therapy based on feminist psychological perspectives.  Feminist psychology is a therapeutic approach that sees society as a significant factor in its influence on a woman’s world, her perceptions, her choices, her aspirations and her capability for self-actualization. It also recognizes the value in becoming deeply familiar with a woman’s needs and characteristics and taking them into consideration in treatment sessions.

Approximately 30 professional women comprise the staff of therapists at the Center. They include clinical social workers, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in therapy with women and with issues that are characteristic of women’s psychology: relationships, being single, sexuality, self-image, body image, trauma, crisis, eating disorders, depression, motherhood, mother–daughter relations, pregnancy and fertility, sexual preference, career related issues, coping with illness and handicaps and more.

Therapy at the Counseling Center for Women uses a variety of therapeutic techniques and approaches, which are meant to create a secure therapeutic space tailored to the needs of every client.  Therapy can be conducted in Hebrew, English, Spanish and additional languages.

Therapy sessions take place at the two branches of the Center, in Ramat Gan and in Jerusalem, as well as in additional clinics all over the country.

The fee for therapy is based on a sliding scale, through a consideration of the economic and family situation of every client, in order to make quality therapy available to as many women as possible.

Individual therapy is meant for any woman dealing with suffering, pain or emotional distress. Its goal is to support the client, to help her to find her unique inner voice, to empower her and help her to recognize her strength, to enlarge the scope of her choices and her freedom, her development and her self-actualization and to lead to an improvement in her quality of life, and the life or her family and the community that surrounds her.
The Center’s therapists are experts in the treatment of women, deeply familiar with the unique difficulties and challenges that are characteristic of women, as well as possessing the appropriate knowledge and tools to treat these difficulties and challenges. Therapy at the Counseling Center for Women is based on a relationship of trust between therapists and clients, and the dialogue that develops between them opens up the client’s awareness of her motives, feelings and actions and helps her to cope with the questions, problems and challenges she faces, so that she can find the answers, strengths and tools within herself that suit her.
Couples therapy is conducted with an egalitarian approach, which recognizes that men and women are educated to fill stereotypical roles that often function in opposition to the personal tendencies of the members of the couple and create conflicts and difficulties in the relationship. For example: differing needs with regard to intimacy and sexuality, different characteristics of communication and assertiveness, varying attitudes to money, running the household and taking care of the children, and more.
Feminist therapy attempts to examine the patterns of the couples’ relationship, to bring to the surface any other voices influencing it and help the couple to see the impact of gender roles on their lives and on the way that their relationship operates, to give them tools so that they can talk and listen to each other, and make it possible for them to re-define their relationship as one that is based on egalitarian and supportive foundations, on mutual communication and on a full partnership.
Couples therapy at the Counseling Center for Women is appropriate for both heterosexual and lesbian couples.
Group therapy provides a supportive space in which each participant is able to experience both receiving from and giving to members of a group at the same time. This meeting of different women, who are similar to each other in certain ways and different from each other in others, encourages mutual learning and personal growth. The group facilitators, therapists from the Counseling Center for Women, have experience and training in the specialty of group therapy.
The Center offers therapy groups on various topics: challenges in the woman’s life experience, relationships, self - image, motherhood, assertiveness, the midlife years, personal growth, employment and integration into the labor market, miscarriage and more.
The group sessions are held at the branches of the Counseling Center for Women in Ramat Gan and in Jerusalem. In addition, groups can be set up in other places, by arrangement, with organizations or non-profit organizations.